Canvas Canvas

A utility extension for the HTML canvas, with plug and play interactive navigation, a controlled animation loop, layering, and a full suite of existig functions and missing ones (strokeArc, fillArc, circle,..)

Cells Cells

An evolution simulator using matter.js to provide an environment. The simulation forgoes physical mutation in favour of behavioural mutation.

Conway Conway

Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript. It lists all classic patterns and allows for the upload and storing of local patterns. It uses a cyclic universe, and can be resized from the menu.

Cv Cv

My Curriculum vitae, including my educational background, interests and more notable projects.

Gravity Gravity

A vanilla JS gravity simulator with collision handling and a minimal interface. Built to be lightweight and fast, the gameloop and animation loops are fully decoupled.

Htma Htma

A simpler way to write markup, HTMA uses tabulation to close elements, removing the need for closing tags as well as a few other abbreviations of HTML eg. ID and classes can be set using CSS notation

Minutecraft Minutecraft

Minutecraft is a Minecraft clone in as few lines as possible. It has basic functionality, and seed-based RNG that can be set using ?seed=###.

Nanonet Nanonet

A lightweight, fully configurble, classical neural net implemented in JS. The interface uses JS Plumb and other UI libraries for a full click & drag experience.

Neural Neural

A JavaScript based visual neural net simulator and generator. The concept was for mathematical functions to be performed on input signals through the splitting and re-combining of said signals.

Outvaders Outvaders

Classic pixel games, rendered entirely using the HTML display system. Take the same player through multiple games, and shoot everything you see...

Recordion Recordion

Recordion is a JavaScript MIDI keyboard and sequencer, providing an interface for MIDI.js. Loads and saves tracks to Local Storage, no real file loading yet.

Rx Rx

A Flash animation series that follows a genetic experiment taking revenge on those who have tried to control him.

Scroll Scroll

An overlay scroll plugin that imitates OSx, with thin, rounded scrollbars that appear on interaction.

Ur Ur

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest found game with instructions. This is a visual experiment with the game.